Hi! I’m Laurie.

As a parent, educator, author, activist, and certified life coach, I see firsthand the struggles of parents in today’s over-connected world. They’re my struggles, too.


Hi! I’m Laurie.

As a parent, educator, author, activist, and certified life coach, I see firsthand the struggles of parents in today’s over-connected world. They’re my struggles, too.

A LITTLE about me AND WHY I DO what I do

I’ve been teaching and coaching parents and kids for over a decade. Through extensive research, hands-on work with clients, and practicing with my own family, I’ve learned the best ways to build self-confidence in children and teens.

But it wasn’t always this easy.

Growing up in Westchester, NY, by all appearances, I was a girl who was confident and successful but, deep inside, I never really believed the feedback the universe was giving me. Nevertheless, I went to college, built a high-profile career in the media industry, got married, and had children. Twins to be precise.

The second I heard “It’s a girl and a boy,” I decided that I needed to build a “better me” because of them.
Yet, I had no idea how to do this.

I had no idea how to build confidence from the inside.

So I went back to school, got a coaching degree, and became a Senior Educator at the Girls Leadership Institute.

But then the world of iPhones, Instagram, Netflix, and Snapchat came a-knockin’…

I soon realized that there was a paradigm shift happening in the adolescent world, and nobody was proactively addressing its impact on our kids. Sure, there were lots of doom and gloom conversations being had, but nobody was addressing how to talk with kids about the negative (and positive) effects the screens were having on them. We needed to reintroduce the “real life” skills our kids weren’t organically learning due to social media: communication, empathy, gratitude, and leadership.

That was my lightbulb moment!

I feverishly went to work writing a book that became #1 on Amazon and developing a curriculum that would give parents the tools they need to build confident kids in the digital age.

I am in the trenches with you, maybe a step or two ahead, and that is exactly where you want your guide to be.

“You have to live it to give it,” my mentor Martha Beck always says.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the hold that digital devices have on your life and want to do things differently,
you’ve come to the right place.

Not sure if your kids (or you) are developing the communication skills and confidence you need to make it in today’s tech-crazed world, I can show you how to cultivate those!

And, if you are struggling to spend quality time with your kids because of Instagram, Snapchat, academic pressures, and all those after school activities - I've got you covered.

Digitox BOX - Family Edition

If you feel like social media and smart phones are building a wall between you and your kids, I can help you fix that! I’ve created a box filled with fun items games, activities, snacks, and things to do as a family (or even by yourself). I guarantee it’ll help build those important life and leadership skills we all need to find contentment and succeed.


SPEAKING & Workshops

Interested in having me speak or run a workshop at your school, company, or organization? I’ll share with your audience the ways parents and kids can build their confidence and connection in the face of digital distractions.


EVENTS & Retreats

Want to meet like-minded families and continue to be inspired by ideas on how to raise confident, capable, and compassionate kids in the digital age? Find out more about our events and digital detox retreats.



If you enjoy the benefits of working with someone individually where they can focus on your specific needs, then personal coaching is for you. Click here to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consult to see if we are a “fit” and how I can help. Note: As of Jan 1, 2018, I am accepting fewer private clients.